Slow Smoked Turkey...

                                                                                                                    November 2014

BBQ Friend:

     Here's a video from the popular online BBQ school. I have never released to the public one of the 20 videos available to members only, but I thought ya'll would enjoy this hour long video on how to smoke a turkey low and slow slow smoked turkeywith an apple, honey, & maple syrup glaze and a Southwest rub. Our new Apple Cinnamon rub or even the Garlic Onion rub would also go well with this recipe. Why is this video an hour long? Because at we leave out no details.

     Most turkeys are cooked at a higher temperature around 350 deg in an oven. At that temperature, it's very easy to overshoot your desired internal meat temp and dry out your turkey. I think you'll be surprised at how moist a slowly smoked turkey will be even after many hours on the smoker.

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And don't forget those side dishes...

Here's the slow smoked turkey video...


Happy Thanksgiving!
Bill Anderson
Chatham Artillery BBQ Team

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